June Faith Formation Update

Can you hear it? Can you hear the excitement of the approaching summer vacation? The anticipation is almost palpable. With summer vacation comes great opportunities for the family to grow in relationship with each other, and to grow in faith!  

Some ideas for the family this summer include:

  1. Cook/bake together.
  2. Do projects around the house together.
  3. Go on a hike and talk about how God has given us this beautiful creation to enjoy but also the responsibility to take care of it.
  4. Go on a pilgrimage. Visit a cathedral or a holy shrine i.e. St. Kateri Shrine
  5. Go to daily mass.
  6. Go to mass on vacation. This helps teach kids that no matter where we go there is a catholic church nearby. See link suggestion below.
  7. Try a new prayer experience i.e. adoration, the rosary, chaplet of divine mercy.

The most important thing we can do for our kids is give them undivided time and attention, and model/practice with them a life of faith. Check out the many articles and suggestions found on the Loyola Press website.

I’m praying that you and your family have a safe, and holy summer vacation!

This Sunday! Please consider participating in St. Mary’s Corpus Christi Procession on June 3. Procession starts at 2pm at Tyburn Academy and moves to St. Mary’s Church! Celebrate Jesus in His amazing gift in the Eucharist!

Faith Formation News for June

Registration for 2018-2019

Everyone should have received the new BREAKTHROUGH Faith Formation handbook as well as registration form. If not please contact the office. Please be sure to take your time when reading through the materials. We offer many options, and because of that things can be confusing with the amount of information. We tried our best to make the handbook as user friendly as possible. Suggestions on how to make communications clearer in the future are welcome.

Deadline for regular registration is Wednesday August 15. After August 15th there will be a $5 late fee added to the registration fee.

Next year is going to be EPIC!

EMMAUS High School Youth Group

            Sundays from 6:00pm-7:30pm in Youth Room in St. Joseph School unless otherwise noted!

June Schedule

3- Feast of Corpus Christi! Eucharistic Procession! 2pm-4pm! No night meeting!

10-Taking Care of the Soul!

16- Hiking Trip to Buttermilk State Park 10am-3pm (Pack a Lunch)

17- Father’s Day! No meeting!

24- Nativity of St. John the Baptist! Movie Night: The Greatest Showman!

Monthly Session

Sunday June 3- Participation in St. Mary’s Eucharistic Procession! 2pm-4pm This is a parent child event! See Carlo or Matt to sign in at Tyburn.

Summer Sessions 2018

July 9-20 and August 6-17

The summer sessions for 2018 are only open to those who were part of the 2017 summer sessions as this summer completes last summer.

Sacraments for 2018-2019

Once regular registration form is returned, we will mail out information and registration for 1st Penance and/or Confirmation for those ready to begin their journey toward the reception of these sacraments.

You can find information regarding all our programs on our website!


Technology and Faith


The purpose of the Mass Times ministry is to help Catholics get to Mass by helping them find churches and worship times worldwide. We do this by hosting and sharing the most comprehensive database of Catholic churches and worship times in existence. Dioceses, parishes, and many volunteers help us keep the database current. We also host the masstimes.org website that our visitors use to search for Mass times.